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Stages of burnout syndrome

Burnout affects professionals in every industry.

There are a lot of stories about burnout in your search for example on Google.

What exactly means burnout term?

Burnout happens as a result of too much work, too much stress. In other words, this is a state of mind that comes with unresolved long-term stress that negatively affects employee life and work.

This syndrome weakens a person’s physically and emotionally to the point where they did not feel like themselves anymore and extracting all the joy out of the soul. In the final stage, symptoms are increasing and are embedded in all to day activities and employees are experiencing significant mental or emotional problems.

Burnout may happen at any time, but most of the studies show that often happens at age 32.

There are 5 stages that are common for every professional in different industries:

Honeymoon stage

The employee is in the early weeks of the job or some new work task. Despite the demanding work, they are highly productive, satisfied, and ready to take new responsibilities.

Balancing stage

At this stage, the employees begin slowly to lose their energy and notice some aspects of the job which they dislike. They are dissatisfied with the work tasks, have sleep disturbances, and are not very efficient. They feel anxiety, have headaches, are irritable, unable to focus, have high blood pressure, and have unusual heart rhythms.

Chronic symptoms stage

In this stage, the symptoms from the previous stage are intensified. They feel anger, depression, exhaustion, miss deadlines at work.

Crisis stage

Symptoms became critical. They have behavioral changes, chronic stomach problems, desire to move away from work or family, they are feeling pessimistic.

Habitual burnout

This is the last stage where professionals feeling like they are trapped in their work. They have serious mental and emotional problems, chronic sadness, and depression.

Though companies and managers naturally want to get the most out of their software developers, employee burnout will affect business too, so it is in everybody’s interest to avoid it. it is very important for managers to be aware of the early symptoms of burnout and to know how to act and prevent bigger problems.

Here at Nearshore Macedonia we take the well-being of our developers, very seriously and encourage developers to make time for non-work activities and to have a rest.

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