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Software development costs and factors that you need to consider


When it comes to the development of a project one of the biggest concerns is how will it cost. Hundreds of pieces of web applications are created every month. Every client wants to know in advance the time length of the projects and estimated software development costs. To know the exact cost of the project at the beginning of the project is impossible.

But we can find crucial factors that have a direct influence on software development costs:

  1. General trends in software development costs for other similar projects. It is recommended to get in touch with other experienced IT companies to have the most realistic cost estimation.

2. According to surveys software development costs are within the range from 5000-50000 euros in the time period up to 9 months. Every project is unique and there is not a guide template. As a rough estimation, we can create a calculation where we will multiply needed hours with the average cost for developers. There are always non-development activities that need consider at the end. Inaccurate estimations may result in missing deadlines and breaking budgets.

3. Project complexity. The more features are added to the project the more complex it becomes and there will be needed more time for developing, testing, improving. All these things increase software development costs.

4. User experience. The cost of the designer may vary depending on the requirements. If the product’s visual appearance is poor, there are big chances the client be unsatisfied.

5. Every project must have a professional team consisting of a frontend developer, backend developer, project manager, and quality assurance engineer. The team size may vary depends on requirements and project complexity. If you hire a few people less to cut the costs, it is very possible that the needed deadline will be missed.

6. In the long run, using agile methodology can be the most cost-effective approach. This is a method of managing a project by breaking it into several phases. Involves constant communication and continuous improvement at every stage. Each repetition consists of two- to four-week sprints, where each sprint’s goal is to build the most important features first and come out with a potentially deliverable product.

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