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Why Nearshoring will Give You a Competitive Edge


Around 10-15 years ago, when communication was limited and prone to disruptions, businesses had no other way than to operate within the borders of their own countries.
But these days, globalization has enabled businesses to hire companies thousands of miles away from them to produce quality goods and services at a much cheaper price.

A great number of European companies are outsourcing their software development projects to nearby countries in the East where the cost of labor is lower and at the same time, there is a great number of experienced professionals.

Especially in the past few years, the income levels are rising and there is a lack of experienced IT professionals which was a signal to companies to start outsourcing or nearshoring part of their projects to other nearby countries.

The demand for quality software is linked to achieving business goals and obtaining a higher market share.

Despite offshoring, with considering nearshoring as an option, there are a lot of benefits for both parties.

There are many proven benefits of using nearshoring for finishing your IT projects. Some of them are:

  • Software development companies can save a lot of time, money, and resources and in most cases, they acquire long-term partnerships with great potential for other projects.

Offshoring vs Nearshoring

In general, European software development companies are outsourcing their IT projects because of the availability of IT experienced developers in other countries and to cut their costs and efforts.
With outsourcing, there are 2 options for companies to consider: offshoring and nearshoring.

Offshoring has many more disadvantages than advantages in a comparison with nearshoring.
There a many hidden costs for travel because of long distances, bad communication mostly from the different time zone, cultural differences, and language barriers.

With nearshoring, these issues are skipped. From cheaper travel costs, a similar time zone with a difference from 1-2 hours, similar culture.

Similarly, North Macedonia has the perfect position for European companies to outsource their IT projects. There is well-developed infrastructure and cheap flights. The same time zone is a great benefit for good communication with the IT team.

Also, in North Macedonia, there are a lot of qualified professionals with experience in the IT field and experience with remote work for other European companies.

As a software development partner for EU-based, Nearshore Macedonia understands the challenges and restrictions faced by software companies when it comes to a software development project and their deadlines. We know you need to move quickly and control expenses, with access to highly skilled and experienced IT engineers to deliver a software product on time and on budget.

The market may not wait for your internal IT team to be available or to start a process of the requirement of new appropriate staff, skilled in every step required by the specifications of your software development project.
Additionally, your project may require a deep and specific understanding of technology and if you were to spend the time recruiting and onboarding those specialists, you’d lose a lot of time and effort.
This is why we’ve focused on providing premium nearshore software development services to other companies.

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