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What does nearshore software development mean in business?

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One of the examples of outsourcing is a nearshore software, development model. This model helps companies to focus more on their core business and tasks without spending too much time or money.

According to one of the latest Statista reports, the global market of outsourcing is reaching an impressive number. That impressive number also includes profits by nearshoring. Every year is increasing the number of companies which are searching for a suitable and reliable nearshore software development partner for their business.

There are 3 types of outsourcing models: onshore, offshore, and nearshore.

How nearshore software development can help your business?

Nearshoring as a business model is most valuable for the client. This model refers to a process of delegating software development tasks to countries geographically close in an effort to have more control over operational expenses.

Some of the other benefits are similar culture, time zone, cutting hiring costs for developers inhouse. With this model of outsourcing, the client will save money through more efficient communication and onsite visits can happen faster and more frequently.

For example, here in N.Macedonia, there are companies which are having a long-term partnership with companies most from Western/ Northern Europe.

These companies discovered that working with a nearshore software development company allowed them to cut the costs and obtain resources for specific tasks that could not be handled by in-house staff.

What are some of the advantages of a partnership with nearshore development company?

A long list of talented IT engineers with several years’ experience working on the latest technologies.

This is a major advantage because is very hard to find in house developer with specific expertise and skills. Also, you do not need to organize training and additional guidance. It takes a lot of time struggling to find in house a trained IT specialist, especially if you have a deadline for the project of the product is running late on the market.

Improved security.

The security of your data is a more important thing in your business. At nearshore companies, there is a whole team working accordance ISO requirements and also many of nearshore software development companies are ISO certified constantly improving their security systems.

Lower operational costs.

Delivering the right project on time and in the budget, by taking advantages on nearshore talent is a huge benefit for your business.

There is a considerable difference in the salaries in developed in developing countries and you can save a good amount of money on salaries and other expenses.

Bigger focus on your core business.

Your company can focus on the core business without any distractions, to be more focused on marketing on products and finding the best ways to sell them, to make market research etc. At the same time, you keep your in-house employees from overwhelming with tasks and you keep them motivated and productive.

How Nearshore Macedonia can help?

Nearshoring benefits in N. Macedonia are most than obvious and is the most using model from companies to realize cost-saving and flexibility.

With Nearshore Macedonia your company have a clear idea of the workflow of your software development project, trust, cooperation and bringing the final solution on time. Information is a valuable asset and it needs to be regularly protected.

As an ISO 27001 certified company, we formally adopted a broad set of security best practices and this certification confirms our commitment to the security, confidentiality and high availability of our software development.

Finding the right nearshore development partner is a crucial thing in this process.

Nearshore Macedonia is a company who can trust with a huge experience working with companies which are nearshoring their software development projects.

Learn more about our services and talk with our team to confidently build your next project!