Nearshoring your IT projects to N.Macedonia

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Nearshoring is moving your business or your IT projects to nearby countries with similar time zone, so that a third party can take care of your process.

Why would you do that, why nearshore your IT projects?

On a global level that is a huge problem with finding appropriate IT professionals for your business.

We are all forced to do more with a less budgets.

If you can not find people for your IT projects in your country and other offshore destinations are not your option from many other reasons, N. Macedonia is a good option for scaling your business and nearshoring your IT projects.

N. Macedonia has a talent pool with available skills, cultural similarities, language skills, shorter response time.

If you want to work in an agile environment, you want your work to be done quickly, N. Macedonia can be your best choice.

Let us introduce us more with N.Macedonia

N. Macedonia is a small country located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula with approximately 2 million citizens.

Statistics show that in the period of five years N. Macedonia sold the world computer services costing more than 240 million euros. Experts claim that except for the export in free zones, the IT service export is one of the most stable and most evolving exporting sectors in N.Macedonia.

So, what makes this small country so popular for software nearshoring IT projects?

  • The first and most important reason is the people. Most graduates came from finance and IT which are very suitable outsourcing sectors. So, N. Macedonia offers a lot of skilled and talented young software engineers for developing your IT projects.
  • High competences and relatively low costs of hiring. If you hire a company that will partner with you in solving all issues occurring during digital product development, you will have free resources to focus on what is crucial for your business.
  • Convenient time difference. N. Macedonia is in Europe and has two airports that cover flights no longer than three hours to all major cities on the continent.
  • More than 95% of the younger generation speaks English.
  • Good cultural fit. The Macedonian mentality is like the work ethic of most Western European nations, as well as the US. Due to minor cultural differences, it is easy to communicate and work with Macedonian developers.

What makes our team at Nearshore Macedonia the perfect partner for your IT development projects?

The team of Nearshore Macedonia consists of highly skilled and experienced IT specialists. We always pay great attention in detail to develop the best solution for your project. We are using the latest technologies for our best improvement. We are always open and honest.

Nearshore Macedonia worked very hard and put in place all the measures and policies to keep customer’s data save and get the ISO 27001.

We are also continuously working on improving our established system in order to improve our software development services for our clients.

Keeping sensitive information secure and complying with all legal requirements will result in happier customers who will have trust to work with us which is essential for a functional business relationship.

Learn more about our nearshoring services and tell us your requirements for your next IT project. We will deliver the best solution for your business.