Nearshore, Onshore, Offshore Outsourcing Meaning


Onshore outsourcing meaning

When the client is working with a company that is located in his home country. On the other side, Onshore teams simply cannot compete with the prices of Offshore and Nearshore companies.

Also, Onshore companies often don’t have the right talent available right now, simply because they can’t afford to maintain any unoccupied workers.

Offshore outsourcing meaning

When the client is working with a team that is on the other side of the globe in a completely different time zone. This makes communication a lot more difficult, and we all know that communication is key for high-quality, cost and time-efficient work.

Being twelve hours apart simply complicates any type of communication. Longer waiting times, bigger travel costs and miscommunication because of language barriers and cultural differences can easily end up raising the costs again.

Nearshore outsourcing meaning

This is a mix of Onshore and Offshore benefits. Near-shoring works just like Offshoring except that the business pairs with workers in similar time zones, which makes communication much easier.

Top benefits of nearshore software development

When it comes to software development, geographical proximity is a huge plus. Nearshore destinations will provide easy access and quick travel time frames.

The biggest advantage is definitely similar time zone. Successful agile software developments are predicated on efficient communication between teams and nearshoring makes it possible for your remote teams to share similar time zones and overlap during workdays.

Most nearshore countries have only one-hour time zone difference and the population have been following the same culture habits since their early age. Even onsite visits can happen faster and more frequently. It decreases the client’s cost while still providing them with some of the perks of onshore outsourcing such as regular communication during business hours. The client will save money again through more efficient communication and lower travel costs.

Talent shortage in some countries is the main reason why companies are looking for a nearshore or offshore partner. Both of these two models provide the same benefits, except that the nearshore model has a big advantage with similar time zone, cultural similarities and lower travel costs.

The overall cost of nearshore development is lower than the offshore software development outsourcing and this is also a good reason to think of nearshoring your business.

The two ideal case use scenarios for nearshore software development are as a team augmentation solution and a way of delegating specific parts of bigger projects in order to focus on core activities.

Here at Nearshore Macedonia, we help other companies with both of these services. As a nearshore software development team in N.Macedonia, we are working with the latest technologies and we are always updated with new development skills through the continual learning process.

Fluent English skills and time zone proximity make us the perfect partner for your IT development projects. Our added value lies in the development of challenging web solutions. We invest in long-term relationships and have extensive experience working with international clients.

Let’s talk and find the best solution for your software development project.