Nearshoring projects and how to achieve innovation


In the past few years, the number of companies that are part of the implementation of nearshoring projects to other companies has grown significantly worldwide.

Nearshoring projects has become a part of many companies. As IT nearshoring services expand, at the same time increase the need for advancement. In this context, promotion of the innovation within the business is a must.

Strategically nearshoring innovation using the most current technologies and management techniques can put a company in a good leadership position. Nearshoring companies provide a number of innovation processes that deliver long term improvement to the projects. To achieve the desired level of innovation, the nearshoring partner and client must work together in order to foster innovation. Nurturing a collaborative environment is the main factor for success and it is never too late to start an innovation process in your company.

As the industry matures and the range of nearshoring projects and services extends to higher-value activities, client raise the expectations of including innovations in the current projects. To be in line with changing customers tastes, companies need to be innovative and always in the first line for improving their knowledge and expertise.

According to statistics in companies across Europe, 64% of the companies believe that their ability to be more innovative contributes to their financial performance. 53% reported that innovative capabilities are important criteria in the client’s process of choosing the best appropriate business partner.

If you want to incorporate the innovation processes in your nearshoring business strategies, read a few important steps to acquire your goal:

–              Executives need to consider the type of innovation and expected impact of the innovation

–              Create measurement instruments for assessment

–              Assessment of the vendor’s capability for innovation

–              Create a contract for innovation in which will be included appropriate compensations

–              Measurement of the innovation processes in which client monitor the innovation targets

Nearshore Macedonia is a nearshoring IT company that provide software development services for European clients, especially in the health industry. Innovations have always been part of our day-to-day activities. At the end of the day, growth is more important than numbers.

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