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We are a team of experienced web development specialists and motivated to learn each day. This also means we are probably not the best partner for you to develop a relatively straightforward website. As you can see we value open communication and clear expectations from the start.

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What We Do

Web Applications

We transform your business with our web applications.

Mobile Apps

Your app is accessible from any device everywhere.

Integration & Migration

Data at the right time and place with our API.


Let’s Get Started

At Nearshore Macedonia challenging custom software projects fuel our passion.

The combination of technical skills with good communication will make a perfect software solution. Because there is a story behind every solution. We are interested in your story, so we can develop the best result possible.

A good software solution is never finished. It will change over time and it needs to be maintained. Plan ahead and do not only focus on the first step.  Support will be just as valuable. And you came for the right partner for this.

Keeping your sensitive information secure and complying with all legal requirements will result in bigger trust which is essential for a functional business relationship.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need a
service provider that goes where you are.

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