Software Development Projects

Nearshore software development and innovations in the healthcare industry


Nearshore software development is a game-changer, especially in this post-Covid 19 period. Covid 19 changed the dynamics of the people that includes how to work, what to buy and what to do for entertainment.

Because of pandemics, business leaders have shifted their perception of nearshore software development. With more teams and staff now working remotely, they see the potential benefits and cost savings for nearshoring.

The pandemic has also affected the dynamic for the businesses to adapt and act quickly. According to many leaders and stakeholders, businesses will never back to a “business as usual”. The healthcare industry is experiencing the most urgent need for digital reinvention.

New technology solutions as telemedicine, secure data for patients, predictions software, process secure data and improve the user’s experience started before the pandemic and now are in the process of development acceleration.

The demand for this kind of company to incorporate more innovative approaches and build custom products is rising every day. Now, more than ever, it is of crucial importance for healthcare companies to find a reliable and experienced partner to implement these changes with good quality and within the deadline.

Healthcare companies can have a big benefit from partnerships with nearshore software development companies as a cost-effective solution and at the same time experienced IT developers.

There are a lot of misconceptions about cost reduction that nearshoring is always part of lower work quality due to cultural misunderstanding and low communication quality.

N. Macedonian culture is strongly aligned with EU countries’ culture. The environment encourages collaborative communication between companies, with similar time zone, strong English skills, similar cultures, and increased quality for the software solution processes.

Our team at Nearshore Macedonia is proactive and we are not just meeting the minimum requirements, but we are creating engagement through the whole software development process becoming a part of the company. Time zone compatibility is one of the most well-known advantages of nearshoring.

Healthcare companies manage large amounts of sensitive information from their consumers, making security and data privacy a top priority when they are choosing a partner to work with.

Here at Nearshore Macedonia, we have implemented ISO 27001 standard for information security. Data protection takes part in every step of software development. Our team has years of experience in the healthcare industry working on different projects. By applying practices like software development, DevOps engineering, quality assurance, performance engineering to healthcare projects, we have generated value for our clients and strengthened our position on the market.