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Preparation for a Remote job interview


If we assume that you had written a good CV with a cover or motivation letter and the recruiters choose you from the candidates, then the next step is the remote job interview process!

This period because of Covid 19, remote job interviews has become increasingly common. Online interviews require some additional preparation. You will need to figure out who will place the call, on which online platform. A technical trial run before the interview is a good point to have enough time to adapt if anything is not working properly. Login information, computer camera, microphone, and internet connection are some of the basic things to check before starting the remote job interview process.

It is also a good option to have a backup plan if something went wrong before the interview. Look professional. Your dress code should be the same if you are having the interview in person.

Whether is a remote job interview process or face to face interview, some period of preparation is a must

Checking the company’s website and reading more about the company is key. About us page and their Blog page are the more important sections you need to read before the remote job interview. On their Blog page, you can check the latest posts and events and go through headlines to get a basic idea of the company.

Find out how this company is different from the competition and in which way the products are better than the competition. Analyze the job description and required skills. It is also helpful to find reviews from clients and employees.

Make a list of assets of your skills, certifications, awards that are critical for the job applications.

Think about some case studies from the previous job that matches the desired skills. If you are fresher, make a list of the achievements that you had while you were an intern in the company.

Practice at home the whole remote job interview process and prepare your job interview outfit.

Dressing appropriately is very important even on a remote interview and is a part of the first judgment. The outfit depends if you are going on the interview with a formal dress code, casual startup or you are applying for an internship. Generally, you should look professional with your outfit and avoid dressing too flashy or too bright items.

Nowadays, the most popular is the business casual look. This kind of outfit is less formal but still looks professional.

An important part is a hairstyle also. There are various trends from trendy to traditional, but generally, your hairstyle should look professional. The make-up should be in pastel colors and to not distract the recruiter.

LinkedIn is an online platform where you can make a free profile which will be your professional landing page.

It is a great way to tell people who you are, your achievements, education, goals. A well-optimized profile can help you to connect with recruiters from the whole world and get the job that you wanted.

You should not put the whole CV there, only to write the important things from your career path. You should put your skills and interests.

It is essential to have a well-optimized profile. The profile picture should be professional. Below the picture very important is to write 2-3 sentences about yourself and your professional goals. How can you help with your skills the potential companies who are hiring.

On this platform you can very easily make connections with recruiters, colleagues, join different groups in your field of interest where you can exchange knowledge and experience.

Writing articles and posts are very useful to connect with people, to read, like, and share your articles.

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